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1.What Is A Muble Shop?

Any business shop associated with Muble to develop business and deliver Muble gifts is a Muble shop.

2.How Can One Business Shop Become A Muble Shop?

To become a Muble shop it has to associate with Muble by signing agreement to:

1. Deliver Muble gifts in their operating area.

2. To do advertisements with Muble

3.Which Business Can Join As Muble Shops?

Any legally valid business can become Muble shop.

4.Should Muble Shops Sign An Agreement With Muble ?

Yes, Muble Shop operates according to this agreement.

5.Do Muble Shops Have To Pay?

Yes, Registration charges are applicable for Muble Shops

6.How Can A Muble Shop Grow With Muble?

Muble is the 'CSR'( Corporate Social Responsibility ) intiative. Muble is a platform for the Muble shops to spread their reach globally. The shops can become an authorized centre to deliver Muble Gift Products.

7.What Are The Responsibilities Of A Muble Shop To Muble?

They have to follow all the agreed terms in atmost good faith. Also they have to keep the Muble standarad and goodwill in all customer transactions.

8.What Are The Responsibilities Of A Muble Shop To Mublees?

They have to keep the Muble standarad and goodwill in all customer transactions. They also have to follow all the warrenty/guarantee norms of the product/service.

9.Does Muble Give Only Fixed Services For All Muble Shops?

No. Muble shops can decide what all facilities they can use from the available services of Muble and grow.

10.Can Muble Shop Become A Mublee?

Yes, Muble shop owner or staff can become Mublee.

11.What Are The Functions Of Muble Shops?

The functions of a Muble Shop are: utilize the muble paltform and grow with Muble, promote Muble brand as a 'CSR' (Corporate Social Responsibility) intiative to all your existing customers.

12.How Does Muble Shop Pay To Muble?

All financial transaction from any business firm to Muble is on advance mode and through bank.

13.How Does Muble Pay To Muble Shop?

The shop can get any kind of payment from Muble as per the specific terms in the ageement constituted in between.

14.What Is The Validity Of A Muble Shop Registration?

As per the period scheduled in the contract or by termination by Muble or by resignation by the shop.

15.Where Can I Find A Muble Shop?

You can find your nearest Muble shop from the Muble Shops heading in Muble.com.

16.Can I Add A Shop In Muble?

Yes, you can if you are doing a business. You can also add shops for other business owners with their permission.

17.What Are The Benefits I get If I Register A Shop In Muble?

If you are a business / shop owner, then you will get more customers and get more reach through advertisement..If you are a Muble sales person,you can get commission when you register a shop.

18.How Can I Know If A Muble Shop Is No Longer Valid?

They will be removed from Muble Shops list published in the website. Muble is not responsible for any further transaction with them by anyone.

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